Duo Slate

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  • 5 year guarentee
  • Super Turbo Drainage at 0.6 litres/ second flow rate
  • Rated class 3 anti-slip suitable for both commercial and residential projects
  • High definition textures
  • Resistant to impact
  • Designed to be easily cut down on site if required with a circular saw fitted with a diamond disc
  • Height 30mm – 33mm
  • A skirt can also be purchased to raise the trays by 90mm
  • Width size ranges from 700mm – 1200mm (largest width shower tray available in the UK)
  • Length size range from 800mm – 2000mm
  • Choice of drain finish
  • Can only be cut upto 100mm on the exposed edge
  • Linear waste grid – inox or colour matched

Luna Living presents the Duo Slate – a high definition textured slimline shower tray that can achieve 2 totally different looks. An Akron grid for a minimalist and serene image or a steel grid for an indie and daring look.  We manufacture this stunning tray with cutting-edge technology and perfection in every process.

The Duo Slate is designed to be manufactured to a bespoke size of your choosing, offering flexibility to your home and peace of mind for those mis-shaped and hard-to-handle corners.

Our pioneering technology allows the Duo Slate to become a state-of-the-art and independent addition to your home, with stunning styles and sleek finishes, allowing your bathroom to be converted in to a wet-room or provide a walk-in shower area. Our trays can be risen from the floor with a simple ”step up” or fit flush to the floor to gain easy access. Our Duo Slate is wheel-chair compatible and we offer a range of accessories to match this discrete design.

The Duo Slate offers the choice of all size glass to be fitted flush with the tray and can be installed in to any type of bathroom of your choice. We believe that in creating a designer bathroom, the Duo Slate should be considered for the ”center of attention” piece and we offer all of our customers the opportunity to discuss their requirements prior to placing

All shower trays come with a standard waste and trap included, though we have a range of wastes to choose from to suit your needs.

All shower trays, wall panels, skirts and accessories are covered by a minimum 5 year guarantee.

If you are interested in discussing the Duo Slate please call our sales team on 01484 363 193 or email Alternatively, fill out our contact form on the ”Contact Us” page.

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Blanco (White), Beige, Grey, Lava, Negro (Black), Crema, Nacar, Marfil, Cemento, Moka


700mmx800mmx30mm, 700mmx1000mmx30mm, 700mmx1200mmx30mm, 700mmx1400mmx30mm, 700mmx1600mmx30mm, 700mmx1800mmx30mm, 700mmx2000mmx30mm, 750mmx800mmx30mm, 750mmx1000mmx30mm, 750mmx1200mmx30mm, 750mmx1400mmx30mm, 750mmx1600mmx30mm, 750mmx1800mmx30mm, 750mmx2000mmx30mm, 800mmx800mmx30mm, 800mmx1000mmx30mm, 800mmx1200mmx30mm, 800mmx1400mmx30mm, 800mmx1600mmx30mm, 800mmx1800mmx30mm, 800mmx2000mmx30mm, 900mmx800mmx30mm, 900mmx1000mmx30mm, 900mmx1200mmx30mm, 900mmx1400mmx30mm, 900mmx1600mmx30mm, 900mmx1800mmx30mm, 900mmx2000mmx30mm, 1000mmx800mmx30mm, 1000mmx1000mmx30mm, 1000mmx1200mmx30mm, 1000mmx1400mmx30mm, 1000mmx1600mmx30mm, 1000mmx1800mmx30mm, 1000mmx2000mmx30mm